Cultivate Intention in Your Career in 2016

In 2012, some friends and I used a quirky online tool to create our goals for the year, which we shared over brunch. None of us were wild about resolutions, so thinking strategically about our goals for the year and sharing them with accountability buddies over mimosas was perfect. 
By writing my “eff yeah” list of successes for 2011 that included joining a nonprofit board of directors and achieving new yoga poses, I noticed how joyful my personal life was and how my career wasn’t where I wanted it to be.

Bored at work, I set an intention to “work really, really hard for a few months” and push myself professionally, which would likely require transitioning into a new role. Fast forward to April: because I’d done the self-reflection and had a group of ambitious women in my corner, I felt confident taking a big professional and financial leap of faith, leaving my job to spend the next eight months managing a political campaign.

The experience of supporting a group of ambitious peers in their own goals as I strived to meet my own is also what gave me the courage to launch my business. Considering the power of what a friend calls “squad goals”, I’m really excited to launch a 2016 Goal Setting Circle.

It's an opportunity for women to set intentions for 2016 and actively pursue their career goals with a professional negotiations and career coach (me!) and a group of smart women ready to support one another to make it happen.

Unlike New Year’s resolutions that can fizzle and frustrate, this series focuses on how you want your career to feel by the end of the year. 

On January 9, envision what you want to accomplish in 2016 and set tangible goals and action plans to achieve them.  You’ll create and follow your path with the encouragement and accountability of a cohort of peers, a professional coach, and crucial professional development throughout the year.

The Goal Setting Circle is an opportunity to:

  • Set both ambitious and realistic career goals to help create the life you want to lead.
  • Determine a monthly strategy to achieve your goals by breaking them into manageable steps.
  • Stay on track with quarterly visits, workshops, and social events to adjust goals, build new skills, and celebrate successes.
  • Connect and collaborate with a group of bright, highly motivated women on a similar path.

If you’re interested in joining, click here for more info and to sign up today!