Confidence & Confidantes

Workshops for women that provide keys to successful negotiations and living the life you want to lead in a fun, collaborative environment

Capped at 10 participants, C&Cs are an opportunity to connect with women on a similar path. In each workshop, attendees learn from one another while developing their own skill sets. 

In Confidence & Confidantes workshops, you will:

• Explore the current landscape for women in the workplace alongside a group of supportive confidantes
• Practice a range of negotiation strategies that are effective for women
• Build confidence and negotiation skills in a way that feels authentic to you




"While I frequently successfully negotiate on behalf of my organization and staff, when it came time to negotiate my own salary, I became apprehensive.  After attending Confidence & Confidantes, I no longer feel that I am the only one having moments of self doubt when asking for myself. I now feel more confident preparing for and conducting negotiations."  

- Natalie, Chief Operating Officer


One-on One Coaching

Individualized coaching for women that focuses on a specific negotiation, general professional development, or target areas of your choice

You can get support for anything, from making the strongest possible case for a promotion, to navigating maternity leave, to practicing how to avoid answering a question about your salary history.


"I used to worry about things after the negotiation, but thanks to my work with Lelia I'm not worried about the relationship or thinking, 'Did I get everything?' My husband told me this is the first time in a long time he's heard me say 'I'm really happy with how that went.' 

The negotiation process felt so natural.  I walked away from the negotiation feeling like "this is a great deal."

- Christy, Foundation Program Director


Case Studies

Rockstar: CT reached out prior to an interview for a job she was totally jazzed about. With interview and negotiations support from Gowland, LLC, she successfully

  • Changed careers
  • Avoided the salary history question
  • Reconsidered the salary range she requested based on data specific to her new field, increasing it by $10,000
  • Negotiated the package she wanted including a signing bonus

Now earning $25,000 more annually in her new position, plus bonuses, CT says "By working with Lelia, I learned my value and unapologetically negotiated the terms of a new position that exceeded my expectations."

Advanced: DG contacted Gowland, LLC after receiving a job offer with her dream company.  The position was a lateral move from her current position with only a slightly higher salary, which made her hesitant to take the role. After working with Gowland, LLC, she

  • Enthusiastically accepted a position at an organization aligned with her interests
  • Negotiated a higher salary
  • Received an improved vacation package
  • Secured an additional salary increase at her 6-month review

Enjoying five weeks of vacation per year and earning $10,000 more annually, DG says “Lelia spent the time to ask all the right questions to understand my needs in transitioning from my previous job.”

Basic: KL was in the midst of a stressful transitional period in her career.  With a one hour session divided between one-on-one phone support and written feedback on a statement announcing her transition, KL successfully

  • Stepped back and recognized the larger impact the transition was having on her life
  • Understood and effectively used her opportunities for leverage
  • Identified strategies for specific next steps both professionally and personally

After her session with Gowland, LLC, KL shared, "Without Lelia's guidance, I would have taken a purely tactical approach and missed several important components that ultimately resulted in a better outcome."