Does this sound familiar?

You did everything you were supposed to do in your career, but this isn’t how you thought it was supposed to turn out. You got the education, you invested in professional development, and you work hard to advance. And yet, you’re still not where you want to be professionally, financially, or in career fulfillment.



You're tired of:

  • Not having the credibility, earnings or impact you thought you would have by now

  • Trying to look like you have it together but struggling internally with self-doubt or uncertainty

  • Wondering if your lack of results is because you're a woman, or some other unknown obstacle

  • Feeling intimidated by negotiations – for money, resources, and/or responsibilities

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If you’re ready to advance in your career on your terms, get paid what you deserve, and increase your impact, join our Career Fulfillment Retreat. 



By the end of the weekend, you’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity about what career fulfillment means to you and how to achieve it

  • Connection to badass, ambitious women who provide support & accountability

  • Confidence to advocate for yourself and achieve the income and impact you want

  • Commitment to a realistic 90-day action plan to advocate for and achieve your goals

In order to ensure the retreat is the absolute perfect fit for you, I’m offering a limited number of complementary strategy sessions with interested participants.

Ready to join?

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Choose your dates:

  • January 17-19, 2020
    Welcome dinner Friday, January 17
    Retreat Saturday and Sunday, January 18 & 19


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“When I arrived on Friday, I felt stressed and unfulfilled. Over the course of the retreat, I recognized that I have the opportunity to take control of what I want my career and my life to look like moving forward.  

I left the retreat feeling empowered, motivated, and optimistic.”  

Lauren Cutuli

After attending the retreat, Lauren:

• Identified a clear vision for career fulfillment
• Negotiated to work from a full-time basis to a consultant basis
• Reduced the number of hours worked each week and increased her salary


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"I made a decision to invest in myself. After working with Lelia, I learned my value and felt empowered to ask for what I deserved. I daily apply Lelia's tactics to workplace conversations and to handle sticky conversations with ease."

- Ciji

Ciji wanted to switch careers and move into a new industry. After working with Lelia, she:

  • Created a clear vision of her goals

  • Changed careers and secured a phenomenal position in her target profession

  • Negotiated a package that increased her salary by 30% and included a signing bonus


"Lelia helped me develop tangible tools to implement personally and professionally, and she completely flipped my approach to negotiating.

Lelia's framework is fresh and instantly applicable. She asks the hard questions that produce authentic and personal results."

- Charlotte 


“I arrived at the retreat feeling anxious about the pressures of my job, the pace of the city where I live, and my long-term plan.

After 2 days of thoughtful reflection and supported career mapping, I returned home with a new outlook, affirmed in my decisions and energized for the future.”

- Sarah Edwards

After attending the retreat, Sarah:

  • Recognized her job aligns with her strengths and how she wants to spend her time

  • Found new clarity around her professional goals that helped her to overcome doubt and uncertainty

  • Within 1 month, felt empowered to request more responsibility and shortly after received a major promotion



"Lelia's energy, confidence, and approachable personality instills optimism and courage in her clients. I found Lelia's optimism infectious and her ideas empowering.

-  Patricia


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About Lelia


Hi! I’m Lelia. I started this business because women kept coming to me for support in workplace negotiations and career decision-making. Several years in, I’ve helped thousands of women increase their impact and leadership capacity, and I’m positively giddy about helping women connect with and achieve their vision of career fulfillment.

The clients I work with develop clarity about their professional aspirations, rather than the goals or job titles they feel they should want.

When we work together, you’ll develop a personalized and attainable vision of career fulfillment that includes what you’re good at, what people will pay you for, and fully integrates what you enjoy and how you want to spend your time.

Through my signature system for career fulfillment, you’ll develop:

  • Clarity about what career fulfillment means to you and the skills to achieve it

  • Connection to a network of badass, ambitious women who can provide support and accountability

  • Confidence to advocate for yourself and achieve the income, leadership opportunities, and impact you desire

  • Commitment to a realistic action plan to accomplish your vision

Ready to join?

Hesitant to request a strategy session? Here’s what one client said after her call:

“My strategy session with Lelia marks a paradigm shift in how I go about making career decisions.

Lelia created a space for me to process what I wanted out of work and gave me the confidence to take action toward my own career fulfillment. This call changed my life in a tangible way, and I am so grateful for it!”

- Molly Richard