Nice to hear from you. I get a lot of requests to pick my brain, whether it's about the New Orleans job landscape, career decision-making, gender dynamics in the workplace, or something else entirely.

I wish I could dedicate the time to talk with each person individually. Unfortunately, given the volume of requests I get in any given week, I'm not able to have a coffee visit or phone call with each person who requests it.

Please help me get to know your goals for the conversation by taking time to fill out this survey. Your responses will help me discern whether I can be of help and how much time I'm able to dedicate. In some instances, I can refer you to resources via email or send over a voice memo with suggestions, even if I'm not able to jump on a call.


PS If you were hoping to hire me for one-on-one coaching support, my standard fee is $150 for 45 minutes. Unfortunately, I'm not taking on new coaching clients at this time. 



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