Women cultivating intention in their careers

Want to ensure women within your organization thrive and receive the personalized professional development they need to be successful?

Encourage your team to set intentions for the next 12 months and actively pursue their goals with an expert in gender in the workplace at their side while they support one another and create collective ambition.

Through exercises to envision what they want to accomplish in the next 12 months, your team will set tangible goals and action plans to achieve them.  They will create and follow their own path with the encouragement and accountability of a high achieving cohort of peers, an expert in gender dynamics, and crucial professional development throughout the year.  

The Goal Setting Circle is an opportunity for participants to:

  • Set both ambitious and realistic professional goals to help create the life they want to lead while focusing on how their strengths can enhance your business, associations, and community partnerships.
  • Determine a monthly strategy to achieve their goals by breaking them into manageable steps.
  • Stay on track with quarterly visits, workshops, and social events to adjust goals, build new skills, and celebrate successes.
  • Develop and spread skills, insight, and confidence into your association or business.

Get in touch to learn more about sponsoring a Goal Setting Circle for your organization.

Please note: to ensure maximum quality, we provide a limited number of Goal Setting Circles each year. 

The Goal Setting Circle is presently only available to groups, not individual participants. If you're interested, consider asking your employer or professional association to sponsor a Goal Setting Circle.  You can build your case and start your self-investment with our great individual resources here.