Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and provide some insights into your current position, experience with goal setting, and your goals for the workshop.  

Any time you can provide an example or context for your experience, please share it!  Don't feel like your answers have to be perfectly crafted or grammatically correct. This isn't graded.

I look so forward to meeting you at the retreat!

- Lelia

Shared Agreements

To ensure everyone gets the most out of these workshops, it’s important that we come into the space with a shared understanding of how the day will go, what you can expect from your peers, and what they can expect from you.

  • I will come to the workshop free from distractions.  I will keep my phone out of reach unless we are on a break. During the retreat, I will step out if I need to use my phone.
  • I commit to confidentiality of personal stories and experiences shared by my peers.
  • I agree to respectful, open, and honest communication.
  • I recognize that at times this work can be challenging. I will strive to be gentle with myself and others.
  • I understand that there will be many opportunities to participate and share my experiences. I will be sensitive to sharing the space—open to sharing, opting not to participate, and allowing others the opportunity to share.
  • I grant permission to Gowland, LLC to photograph my image, likeness, or depiction and consent to and permit any photographs of me to be used for any purpose including print and electronic. 
  • I grant permission for Gowland LLC to tag me in photographs on social media and reserve the right to un-tag myself as I see appropriate. 


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