Please take a few minutes to fill out this anonymous survey and provide insight into your current position, experience negotiating, and your goals for the retreat.  

Any time you can provide an example or context for your experience, please share it!  And don't worry, your answers don't need to be perfectly crafted or grammatically correct. 

As context, the first several hours of the retreat will focus on the unique challenges women face when negotiating and provide effective negotiation strategies that work for women. Participants will:

  • Explore the current landscape for women in the workplace, both broadly and as trial lawyers

  • Practice a range of negotiation and communication strategies that are effective for women

  • Strategize about staying grounded in their goals while understanding their counterpart’s goals

  • Build confidence advocating for themselves and others, particularly in challenging settings

In the final hour, I will guide the group through a brainstorming session to develop strategies for building and maintaining a referral base.

I look so forward to seeing you at the retreat!

- Lelia Gowland

PS I work with women at various stages of their careers, so I ask the biographical questions to provide context about where you are professionally. If you prefer not to share, please leave any part of that section blank.


Biographical Information
Background in Negotiations