Badass negotiation strategies that work for women? Yes, please!

Successfully negotiate career transitions on your terms.

We can’t get a break when it comes to negotiations. Campaigns tell us “Ask for more,” while contradictory articles warn that women are terrible at negotiations, and if we do negotiate, we’ll see negative consequences.

Enough with the mixed messages! If you want to successfully negotiate in a way that feels authentic to you, I’ve got you covered.

To start, you don’t suck at negotiations (that’s literally the first section of every course). Working with me through these e-courses, I’ll share my research-based strategies that are effective for every woman. Combined with meaningful built-in opportunities for self-reflection, these skills support you in achieving your career goals on your terms.

We've launched individual e-courses on the following key negotiation topics:

  • A raise
  • A promotion
  • A new position
  • Establishing your market value

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If you're ready to dive in and invest in yourself, check out the offerings below! 

If you're job hunting, and want to be prepared once you start negotiating an offer, start here! Click here to learn more about Negotiating a New Position. 

Want to go deeper to answer the pesky "desired salary" question?
Check out two additional resources: 

  • You're Worth It: Establish Your Market Value
  • How To Make More Money by Avoiding the Salary History Question (Free resource!)

Looking to stay at the same company, but take on a new role and responsibilities? Click here to learn more about Negotiating a Promotion.

At $39, this course is a quick, 25-minute add on to the above courses or standalone program. Check out You're Worth It: Establish Your Market Value.

These e-courses are right for you if:

The negotiation process was intimidating, but the strategies Lelia provided gave me the confidence to communicate effectively, stay focused on my goals and ask the right questions. Every bit of advice Lelia gave me worked.
— Sheri Rodman, Director of Data and Operations
  • You’re tired of cookie cutter approaches and are ready to use personalized tactics to set and achieve your goals.
  • You want to be more confident and comfortable negotiating.
  • You want to advocate for yourself while maintaining a mutually beneficial, healthy relationship with your employer.

How to use them:

We understand how valuable your time is, so we’ve condensed the best strategies into a fun course that will take about two hours to complete. Throughout the hour of engaging content, you’ll pause the video to answer guided self-reflection questions while learning to apply the content to your own life. In addition to sample practice language, a custom workbook is included as a tool for creating your own road map to successful negotiation.



Lelia Gowland founded Gowland LLC on Equal Pay Day on the belief that  women who work deserve equal access, not only to pay, but also to work and life opportunities. This starts with access to support: training, resources, community, and expertise. Our goal is to equip working women and the companies that value them with the tools to help them succeed.

Lelia is a national consultant and thought leader in workplace dynamics for women. With over a decade of experience working through deep-rooted sociological and structural problems that prevent women from succeeding, Lelia crafts research-based, solutions-oriented, and dynamic services. Her vision, philosophy, and playful style shape our unique approach to making work work for women. 

Lelia opened my mind to an entirely new way of thinking about the significance of mutually beneficial workplace relationships. I found Lelia’s optimism infectious and her ideas empowering.
— Patricia Boyett, Director, University Women’s Resource Center

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