Official Bio


Lelia Gowland founded Gowland LLC on Equal Pay Day on the belief that women who work deserve equal access, not only to pay, but also to work and life opportunities. This starts with access to support: training, resources, community, and expertise. The goal is to equip working women and the companies that value them with the tools to help them succeed.

Considered a thought leader on women and workplace dynamics, Lelia is a contributor to Forbes and has been profiled in pieces in Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire for her unique approach to negotiations for women.  She was recently honored as one of Gambit's 40 Under 40, which salutes the "brightest innovators, artists, and professionals" in New Orleans. 

With over a decade of experience in deep-rooted sociological and structural challenges that prevent women from succeeding, her vision, philosophy, and playful style shape our unique approach to making work work for women.

With a Master's in Public Policy from the University of Michigan and a BA in Sociology from the University of Texas at Dallas, she has been trained to understand political, professional, and cultural systems and the way they affect women in the workplace. Most recently an entrepreneur, Lelia has worked in government, business and nonprofits. She combines her academic foundation and experience in each sector with a nuanced perspective about how systems impact the lives of individual women and businesses.

Lelia’s personality and enthusiasm are perfect for this work.
— Sarah Schirmer, Government Policy Analyst

Lelia is an alum of the New Leader’s Council and serves on the board of the Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans, which inspires and educates young leaders to become effective, lifelong philanthropists.


Real Talk

Hey y'all! In addition to the official stuff, I’m also a woman who has lost and found my voice, gotten fired, and contemplated career changes since my earliest days, when I waffled between life as an artist, a writer, and a golf cart driver.

Lelia was engaging, dynamic, funny and approachable.
— Emily, Marketing Professional

I’m a New Orleans native and enthusiast but consult nationally. This means I spend a lot of time in airports, naturally use the word ‘y’all’, and have an entire closet dedicated to costuming.  I live with my lovely husband, Cole, who owns a neighborhood bar up the street from our house. (Ask for my namesake drink, the “Rhymes With Amelia.”)  In addition to team costuming and fun travel adventures, we occasionally write together about topics of interest.

Making work work for women isn’t just what I do for money. I also do it because the issues of bias and gender inequality we face aren’t just ours to “fix.” I want systemic change. That said, we have to operate within the system as it exists today while -- for those of us who feel compelled -- trying to change it.  

Not only am I all in when it comes to changing the system, but I'm a huge nerd about these things. I love thinking about these issues and affecting positive change in the lives of women, associations, and businesses that partner with me. 

I'm happy you're interested and hope you'll get in touch! Reach out to me here.

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