Personalized consulting for women that focuses on a specific negotiation,
professional goal setting, or general professional development.

Get support for anything from making the strongest possible case for a promotion, to navigating maternity leave, to practicing how to avoid answering a question about your salary history.

I used to worry about things after the negotiation, but thanks to my work with Lelia I’m not worried about the relationship or thinking, ‘Did I get everything?’ My husband told me this is the first time in a long time he’s heard me say ‘I’m really happy with how that went.’

The negotiation process felt so natural. I walked away from the negotiation feeling like “this is a great deal.”
— Christy, Foundation Program Director

Case Studies

CT reached out prior to an interview for a job she was totally jazzed about. With interview and negotiations support from Gowland, LLC, she successfully

  • Changed careers
  • Avoided the salary history question
  • Reconsidered the salary range she requested based on data specific to her new field, increasing it by $10,000
  • Negotiated the package she wanted including a signing bonus

Now earning $25,000 more annually in her new position, plus bonuses, CT says "By working with Lelia, I learned my value and unapologetically negotiated the terms of a new position that exceeded my expectations."

KL was in the midst of a stressful transitional period in her career.  With a one hour session divided between one-on-one phone support and written feedback on a statement announcing her transition, KL successfully

  • Stepped back and recognized the larger impact the transition was having on her life
  • Understood and effectively used her opportunities for leverage
  • Identified strategies for specific next steps both professionally and personally

After her session with Gowland, LLC, KL shared, "Without Lelia's guidance, I would have taken a purely tactical approach and missed several important components that ultimately resulted in a better outcome."

After just one meeting with Lelia, I was honestly able to turn every concern I had into an opportunity by the time I got to the negotiating table.

Through my work with Gowland, LLC, I was prepared, confident and able to demonstrate I was qualified for the promotion and why my salary ask was realistic and reasonable. I asked for more and I got it!
— Anonymous

DG contacted Gowland, LLC after receiving a job offer with her dream company.  The position was a lateral move from her current position with only a slightly higher salary, which made her hesitant to take the role. After working with Gowland, LLC, she

  • Enthusiastically accepted a position at an organization aligned with her interests
  • Negotiated a higher salary
  • Received an improved vacation package
  • Secured an additional salary increase at her 6-month review

Enjoying five weeks of vacation per year and earning $10,000 more annually, DG says “Lelia spent the time to ask all the right questions to understand my needs in transitioning from my previous job.”


45 minute strategy session with pre-survey

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