Just lean in.
Overcome the confidence gap.
Act like a man.

Sound familiar? Conversations about women who work are commonplace. Fun and thoughtful resources to gain critical career skills using strengths you already have are not. That's where we come in.

At Gowland LLC, we help make work work for you. You define success on your own terms and then make it happen. We offer the information you need, when, where and how you need it. This includes online tools, workbooks, email updates, and in-person trainings and events.

Our goal is to give you concrete skills – and confidence – to negotiate and know your worth.

Life with Lelia

Lelia’s blog, aptly named “Life with Lelia” offers funny and frank insight on workplace challenges and ways to overcome them. Her personality and her professional expertise shine as she shares her real world experience navigating work, entrepreneurship, family, and gender dynamics.

Lagniappe (which essentially means bonus in Lelia’s native New Orleans): subscribing to this killer insight is 100% free and occasionally comes with beautiful works of art like this treasure a friend sent Lelia.  Don’t you want to be dinosaur besties, too?

Online Tools

Want a raise, promotion, or new position but don’t know how to negotiate it? Need to figure out what salary is realistic to expect?

We've recently launched our e-courses on negotiations for women, so when it comes to negotiating a raise, a promotion, or a new position, our expert, engaging online offerings have you covered! 

For starters, as Lelia shared with Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Power To Fly, You're Better At Negotiating Than You Think.

Want to see more of our nuanced, strength-based approach? Here are some of our other free resources on favorite topics:

Check out our online tools to learn more!

The negotiation process was intimidating, but the strategies Lelia provided gave me the confidence to communicate effectively, stay focused on my goals and ask the right questions. Every bit of advice Lelia gave me worked.
— Sheri Rodman, Director of Data and Operations

Talks & Trainings

You invest in your work. Ready to ask your company to invest in you? Let’s make it happen. We specialize in public speaking and workshops for professional associationsbusinesses and nonprofits that entertain and educate on how work can (but often doesn’t) work for women.

Popular training topics include:

  • Avoiding burnout
  • Building and becoming female managers
  • Developing a culture of win-win workplace negotiations
  • Identifying and addressing implicit gender bias
  • Cultivating diversity from the ground floor to the board room
  • Goal setting and choosing a career that is authentically you

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Lelia Gowland founded Gowland LLC on Equal Pay Day on the belief that  women who work deserve equal access, not only to pay, but also to work and life opportunities. This starts with access to support: training, resources, community, and expertise. Our goal is to equip working women and the companies that value them with the tools to help them succeed.

Lelia is a national consultant and thought leader in workplace dynamics for women. With over a decade of experience working through deep-rooted sociological and structural problems that prevent women from succeeding, Lelia crafts research-based, solutions-oriented, and dynamic services. Her vision, philosophy, and playful style shape our unique approach to making work work for women. 

Learn more. 

Lelia opened my mind to an entirely new way of thinking about the significance of mutually beneficial workplace relationships. I found Lelia’s optimism infectious and her ideas empowering. I left the workshop feeling much more confident about the prospect of achieving gender equity in the workforce.
— Patricia Boyett, Director, University Women’s Resource Center

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