Customized solutions to recruit, retain, and maximize female talent


Do you want to attract and keep top female talent on board? Improving women’s workplace experience has direct impact on positive company culture and long-term success.

Our customized multi-industry services help companies, nonprofits and HR departments:

  • Effectively market to, recruit, and hire top female talent
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increase diversity of thought to improve products, services, and organization performance

Whether you’re looking for professional development for your workplace, strategies for the human resources officers who hire them, or support for executives in shaping company culture, we tailor our solutions for your organization's needs.


Rather than providing one-size-fits all prescriptive solutions, we solve specific challenges your company or nonprofit faces, whether that’s supporting your female managers, ensuring that your team is avoiding burnout, or anything in between. We can assess your organization’s business needs, skill gaps and potential implementation challenges. We will partner with you to tailor any proposal of services to meet your business requirements and desired outcomes.

Workshops & Training

Our workshops and trainings teach critical skills to equip the women on your team with the skills and resources they need to be successful. 

Participants leave our professional development sessions with a sense of optimism and clear actions to achieve their next steps. Clients often remark that our characteristic levity makes potentially intimidating or boring information dynamic, engaging, and memorable.


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Speaking Engagements

Looking for a keynote speech, workshop, or retreat that enlightens and engages? We specialize in public speaking that entertains and educates on how work works for women, employees, and the companies who value them.

We provide support for every industry, from technology and education to energy, law, science, government, and nonprofits. We’ll craft trainings specific to your company, lead a keynote for your conference, or help you assess what would best meet your needs.

Popular topics

Lelia’s workshop empowered me to further advocate for my clients and my company and gave me practical steps to implement.
— Charlotte Gill, Nonprofit Program Manager
  • Recruiting and retaining top female talent
  • Creating a healthy work-life balance and avoiding burnout
  • Leading as a female executive or manager
  • Identifying and dealing with implicit gender bias
  • Professional goal setting
  • Developing win-win workplace negotiations


The best professional development empowers employees while educating them on how to take next steps to improve their work, workplace, and work products. Based on your priorities, our services can deliver:

  • A toolkit for participants to develop workplace leadership skills, including negotiations, management, and issue resolution in a diverse workplace
  • Education on implicit biases and how employees or companies can better run or be a part of an inclusive workplace
  • Tactics to increase inclusion in the workplace
  • Organizational strategies to empower female employees to have a greater voice and increased confidence
  • Practices to increase female employee satisfaction, recruitment, and retention

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Before Lelia’s workshop on implicit bias, I was unsure how to be an ally for my female colleagues experiencing gender-bias. The workshop gave me the tools to create a more inclusive work space alongside my female colleagues and to better empathize with their experience.
— Kenny Fennel, Civil Engineer

Recent Retreats and Workshops

  • GE
  • American Association for Justice
  • New Leaders Council
  • Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response (STAR)
  • New Sector Alliance
  • Women's Professional Council
  • Graduate and undergraduate departments of the University of Michigan, Tulane University, The University of Texas at Dallas, and Loyola University


Lelia Gowland founded Gowland LLC on Equal Pay Day on the belief that women who work deserve equal access, not only to pay, but also to work and life opportunities. This starts with access to support: training, resources, community, and expertise.

Our goal is to equip working women and the companies that value them with the tools to help them succeed. Lelia is a national consultant and thought leader in workplace dynamics for women. With over a decade of experience working through deep-rooted sociological and structural problems that prevent women from succeeding, Lelia crafts research-based, solutions-oriented, and dynamic services. Her vision, philosophy, and playful style shape our unique approach to making work work for women. 

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