Substantive, inspiring, and fun speeches and workshops


Looking for a keynote speech, workshop, or retreat that is substantive, engaging, and fun for your members?

We've got you covered! Events with Gowland LLC founder Lelia Gowland are never sit 'n' get -- they're interactive and thought provoking -- so participants don't end up checking their email under the table. 

Speaking Engagements

We specialize in public speaking that entertains and educates on how work works for women, for employees, and for the companies who value them. Lelia provides research-based strategies and dynamic presentations that each workplace and woman can tailor to fit their specific needs. 

Audience members come away with:

  • greater confidence and self-awareness
  • a renewed sense of optimism on and specific strategies for how to create a career that’s right for them
  • an ability to articulate what they need to succeed at their jobs and achieve their career goals

Lelia crafts each speech and event so that association members will walk away empowered and excited, but also with clear actions they can take to develop their careers.

Workshops & Training


Rather than providing one-size-fits all prescriptive solutions, we will solve the specific challenges that your association faces. Whether it’s attracting and retaining more female members or discerning what kind of content your association should provide, we can help. We can assess your association's needs, members’ goals and skill gaps, and potential implementation challenges. We will partner with you to tailor any proposal of services to meet your goals.

Our workshops and trainings teach critical skills to ensure that the women on your team have the skills and resources they need to be successful.

Participants leave our professional development sessions with a sense of optimism and clear actions to achieve their next steps. Clients often remark that our characteristic levity makes potentially intimidating or boring information dynamic, engaging, and memorable.


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Whether your industry is law, energy, nonprofit, or anything in between, Lelia provides specialized content focused on your members.                                                     
Commonly requested topics include:

Lelia’s mastery of the subject matter, well-organized presentation and clear communication made participating in her workshop inspiring and delightful.
— Claudia Norton, Program Director
  • Developing win-win workplace negotiations
  • Creating a healthy work-life balance and avoiding burnout
  • Leading as a female executive or manager
  • Identifying and dealing with implicit gender bias
  • Professional goal setting
  • Recruiting and retaining top female talent


About Lelia

A national expert in gender in the workplace, Lelia combines sociology and public policy degrees with passion to empower women. Over her last decade honing expertise across industries, she has become a business thought leader, sharing expertise in publications like Forbes, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo! Parenting, and ThinkProgress

Like her hometown, New Orleans, Lelia’s ability to entertain and enliven even the most challenging workplace topics or HR trainings sets her apart. With over a decade of experience exploring the issues women face she brings frank, funny, and factual content that engages and empowers audience members, and keeps them asking for more.

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Recent Clients

  • American Association for Justice (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America)
  • National Association of Fellowship Advisors
  • Women En Mass
  • New Leaders Council
  • Women’s Professional Council
  • Graduate and undergraduate departments of Tulane University, The University of Michigan, The University of Texas at Dallas, and Loyola University

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